• 19May

    Tomorrow is Josiah’s (5) Birthday so today I took him out for “Mommy time” and he got to spend some of his birthday money.  That meant I ended up with a killer whale in my van and a cool dude (cameo sunglasses) trekking through Lowes’ with me.  He was cute. 

    We came home and made a birthday cake and true to form I had finger prints in the icing before I managed to get a picture.  It was Maranatha (2) this year.  Dassy (3) told her that she could put her fingers in the can, but once it was on the cake she wasn’t allowed to touch.  Cute, since I seem to recall yelling at her for the same thing last year.  Two more (Payden and Caleb) to initiate I guess.  Smile  Nice to know that the older ones can help me train the younger ones, though.

    Tomorrow we have some big plans, but we will probably wear mom out trying to accomplish them.  We’ll see what happens. 

    And so begins another first without Dan.  Josiah is the first of 4 birthdays in a less than two month span.  Dan and I would get sick of cake this time of year.  We would eat it for breakfast, snack, lunch, dessert, . . .   Of course the kids are getting bigger and wanting to eat more . . and there are more of them, too.

    The kids are feeling their loss here lately.  Please pray for them as they struggle with the emptiness.  Pray that they will turn to the only person who can completely fill that hole, Jesus.

4 Comments to Josiah’s Birthday


    Hope you have lots of fun today…. and birthday cake?

    Love, Gram E.

  • We were looking through our mom’s shed for some tools and laughing at danny — all the things he was saving. 🙂 Then we remembered the wooden couch. Really quite ingenious, and much more durable than the inflatable one. 🙂

  • Praying for you as you guide your little ones. May He continue to give you the strength to point them to the “Father of the fatherless”.

  • I prayed extra prayers for you and your little ones this week as I could not get you off my mind and felt it was God’s prompting to pray. I hope the Bday was fun for Josiah. I would have loved to see the “cool dude” as I just saw a pic of my cool dude again tonight. It was many years ago, but still as cute as the day taken. We love the family pics.

    Love to you all.