• 31May
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    Tonight I received the news that a friend of mine from high school committed suicide last night.  His eleven year old son found him.  I have often comforted myself with the thought that Dan dying in the hospital the way he did was better than dying of a heart attack somewhere totally unexpected and one of the kids tormenting themselves for years to come with guilt over not being able to help.

    I caught myself wondering with grief, “O friend, how could you?”  But the memories stir and I am reminded of my ‘taste’ of depression after Payden (1) was born and I know how it is possible.  But for the grace of God, there go I.   Please pray for his family.

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  • Praise the Lord for His grace in times of deep distress!
    I join you with a prayer for that devastated family. So sad.

    Just this morning — it’s a thing, not a person, — but Prairie Bible Institute lost their boiler plant from which the campus gets heat, light, etc. An explosion or two, and flames over our highest tree tops — and blue/black smoke reaching much higher than that — but thanks to a north west (strong) wind the smoke was blown to the south east, over farmland not buildings. We have yet to hear the”official” word regarding the circumstances. In the meantime we pray for and are thankful for the crew of firemen who came to battle the blaze.

    Have a happy “flame free” day. Love, Gram E.

  • My prayers are with the family. I myself know how things can get so bad at times that one feel suicide is the only answer. BUT- Praise God that He answered my plea for a reason to live when I felt so low–God sent my son to my room. Like you, “But for the GRACE of God there go I” . We can uphold this family together.