• 24May

    There is still some debate as to a move-in date, but we have gained permission to start moving in some furniture.  The kid’s bedrooms are all done so I thought I would start in there.  Almost everything needs to be wiped down before we move it into the rooms since it has been in storage for several months.  We need a bit more trim work done in the master bedroom and then we can move in there. 

    Hopefully by the middle of next week most of the plumbing stuff will be done and then we can commence cleaning construction mess out of the bathrooms, too.  Flooring for the kitchen and dining room is supposed to arrive this week.  They started work on the sand mound.  My kitchen cabinets are in and looking good.  All the major painting is done.  A few touch up spots here and there plus whatever I mess up moving furniture from room to room.  =)  All the carpet is in.  Windows need cleaned. 

    A bookshelf needs built for the library.  I never feel like I’ve settled into a house until all my books are unpacked.  I really want to get at that library.  I would also like to get started planning some stuff for school this coming fall sometime soon which means the school room needs set up.  I just need to be patient.  It will all come together here in God’s own time.  I just want to dive right in and get it all done NOW!  Guess I need to sleep sometime.

    Thanks again to everyone who is helping to make this possible.  God is good and quite generous.  Just a little bit longer . . . .

2 Comments to Getting Close!

  • Sounds like a case of the nesting syndrome :). I like to see the books unpacked, usually the last thing to get done and then everything feels settled. It will be great that you can start with the bedrooms. That part goes quickly and then when you can move in the children will feel like it is theirs. Their beds, their toys, their school things. Life will become more settled then and some summer fun will be able to be had by all.

    Love you.