• 10May

    I buttoned Benjamin’s (6) shirt today and totally phased out. I liked to play with Dan’s buttons. I can remember running my hands over his chest, heading for those buttons while he held me in his arms. Sometimes when we were cuddling on the couch or even surrounded by kids while we watched a movie from our bed, my hands would find those buttons. Dan would just smile and hug me a little tighter.  I miss those “Danny warmed buttons”.

2 Comments to Buttons

  • You liked his buttons because hopefully you were not having to sew them back on all the time. When Danny was little, he was always tearing off buttons and I was always sewing them back on (when I could find them!). So I cannot say that I liked his buttons! 🙂

  • I have a button to sew on just now if I could only remember which shirt if came off of. Mostly I like finding those buttons too. And of course the hugs that come with them.

    You have such vivid memories. I am glad as they will make the moments sweet once the hard part is over.

    Love you lots.