• 24May

    While making the cake on Tuesday for Josiah’s birthday on Wednesday I decided that a good way to distract the kids (and keep their fingers out of the icing) was to have them make some invitations for Josiah’s party.  That, of course, required that we have a party.  So, the kids made some invitations, I made the cake, Uncle Andrew (13) helped decorate with balloons, and we pulled out hamburgers and hotdogs and grilled them on the campfire.  I think we had 8 people show up besides us and Nana and Grandpa (and Uncle Andrew, of course).  I think it went well despite the impromptu planning.

    We also spent some time at a local park in the morning where we ate lunch.  A full day . . . I thought it would bother me more that Dan wasn’t there, but I was o.k. 

    And so begins the birthday season of the Ewing household.  The Birthday Season fits in there between Spring and Summer.  I hate trying to figure out ages during this time frame.  Usually I just count backwards.  6-5-4-3-2-1-and baby.  Now I have to stop and think 6-6-. . . hmmm . . next one is 4-3-2-1 . .  Another three weeks and I’ll have a 7-6-. . .4-3- . . .  And then July really messes me up with 7-6-5-4 . . 2-1-baby, and things just don’t come right again until Payden (1) has his birthday.  It’s just difficult to figure out which number to skip.

    And since I’m sure someone will ask . . . let’s see if I can remember all of their birthdates for you.

    Benjamin – June 10

    Josiah – May 20

    Abigail – July 02

    Hadassah – July 01

    Maranatha – October 18

    Payden – December 10

    Caleb Daniel – December 25

    I’m still thinking we will celebrate Caleb’s Birthday on Dan’s Birthday (Jan 6) so that he doesn’t get lost in all the Christmas festivities.  Poor child.


5 Comments to Birthday

  • Do you want to know all our birthdays: 5 sons, 4 daughters-in-law, 10 grandchildren, 4 grandspouses-in-law, 10 great-grandchildren? Just so you’ll have something to keep you from getting bored? Poor Caleb, his birthday will get slighted all his life. It’s bad enough having our wedding anniversary two days before Christmas. I’ll never do that again!

  • Well, by the end of birthday season all should know the birthday song by heart. Maybe even in their sleep. Have a great and rewarding season. Happy birthday to all.

  • Yes. indeed. Liisa……When IS your birthday??? We can’t forget you!!