• 12Apr

    When I think of the phrase “Make a Joyful Noise”  I don’t think of the militant ruckus of a colicky 3 month old sung in chorus with a 15 month old’s desire for food.  Add to that an older child’s whine for their own self-serving purpose, and another child’s loud arrogant demand for superiority.  But those are noises that I seem to hear on a regular basis.  Another mark on the already filthy window of this sin-cursed world.

    Rather, I like to think of things like the opportunities I have to play the piano (which I got to do for church this morning – nerve racking because it’s been so long, but nice to be able to do that again), the kids singing in chorus from the back of the van, and Dan singing off key at the top of his lungs just because he wanted to.  That kind of “noise” is more soothing to the soul.

    I miss hearing Dan’s brand of music.  I feel like I haven’t been able to sing on key for several years because I was always standing next to him, listening to him belt out the song without any finesse, but definitely making a joyful noise.  He made me smile with his silly songs he would sing to the kids while making dinner, while playing with them, and while working with them.  He liked to include their names and sometimes I would join in with a silly little rhyme or two of my own.  It’s been a while since I’ve sung a silly song with the kids.

3 Comments to Make a Joyful Noise

  • Do sing the silly songs whenever you can it makes the tasks of the day seem fun and playful. Amazing too how quickly the wailing and whining and such become the next joyful verse to the song. And off key is ok even if we know how to sing on key. Well, you do, but I just make the joyful noises, but find fun in them.

    Hope you had some joyful noises as you remembered God’s sacrifice for us. Boy I can’t imagine how He did it.

    We are thankful today for the sunshine that warms our toes when we step outside and for the Son who gave all to fill our lives with the blessings of the best Father in the universe.

    I know well the loss of father and the blessings of Father.

    I had to choose to let those blessings bring joy over the loss, but it was sure worth the choosing.

    May your heavenly Father bless you and your little nestful this day.

    Loved you are.

  • Liisa, I miss Danny’s singing, too. It was one of my favorite things about him – that he didn’t care that he couldn’t carry a tune – he had joy in his heart and he let it come out in song. When sitting beside him in church, there was no way I could sing parts – just singing the melody was challenge enough with Danny’s voice beside you! But I loved it. And I also miss those funny songs he would sing to the kids. I am sure they miss it, too. Remember, you can choose – you don’t have to be controlled by your feelings. I love you.

  • I had to laugh. Jeremy and my dad both sing the same as Dan: definitely noisy, and definitely joyful. 😀

    Jeremy has been very discouraged recently, and for the first time since I started going to church with him, I am missing his rendition of the songs. He either sings very quietly or not at all. Two weeks ago, for the last few songs after the sermon was over, he belted it out again, and oh how my heart leaped! That sound makes a big difference. I feel your heart, Liisa, and what it is missing.

    Choose to sing the silly songs again. I’m learning that sometimes the noise has to come first, and then the joy kicks in. What I mean is, joy is not always spontaneous. It can be purposeful. It sometimes follows decisions and actions. I recently DECIDED to be joyful (or at least to be thankful and to act joyful) even in circumstances that I would not choose for myself, and I am noticing an unexpected undercurrent of joy that whooshes up every once in a while and is coming steadily more often. It’s fun to catch that emotion welling up!