• 30Apr


    When I think about watching Dan take that last breath it never fails to bring the tears.  Sometimes in my mind I want to throw myself at him and scream, literally, NO! NO! NO!  Other times all I can do is whisper, Oh God!  That was all I could say almost that whole week in the hospital.  I would find a bathroom where I would slump against a wall and just cry “Oh God!  Oh God.”  Sometimes I could barely stay upright.  Even now the grief still hits and I find myself crumpling to the floor and crying “Oh God.”  And He hears me.  He sees my unbearable pain and He steps in and shoulders the load so that I can get up again and stumble a few more steps.

2 Comments to Last Breath

  • Don’t ever stop crying out and saying Oh God! Because when that is all you can say the Holy Spirit will intercede and groan on your behalf and God will hear those groanings of your heart and heal your pain.

    Tonight I will be saying extra prayers for my sweet Liisa and her babies. Because my God does hear and heal.

    Love you all.

  • Oh, Liisa, I remember you so well that day when he finally passed. You put your hands to your heart, and said, “Ow,, did you feel that? My heart…. It still makes me cry. I’m so sorry.