• 14Apr
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    Spent the whole day with my kids today.  I am looking forward to moving into our home so that I can settle them in and deal with a few issues.  Payden (1) is starting to exhibit quite a temper.  My adorable, smiley faced, chubbers can be down right opinionated, and stubborn when he wants to be.  I am still waiting on potty training Maranatha (2).  I really think she wants to be trained and I keep thinking that if I wait too much longer she will just potty train herself.  Dassy (3) needs some specific attention and some training in a work ethic.  She still thinks that as “princess” she is above any kind of work and that her “minions” would be more than happy to clean up whatever mess she leaves in her wake.  The older three are holding up pretty well, but could use some reinforcement in a few areas and of course, since the training never really stops, they could be learning a few new things.

    I find that I am still in training as well.  Payden has taken to demanding to be let down from his high chair and then will instantly demand some food to eat on the run.  I am wondering just how much of that is because Mom rarely sits down to eat her food, but is constantly eating on the run

    I am back in PA, but have yet to actually see much of anyone outside of working on the house and church.  I am not seeing it getting a whole lot better for the forseeable future.  Tomorrow I am scheduled to spend a couple of hours at Lowes (actually quite a few memories in that place . . .).  So much to do, and of course, we have to squeeze it into as little time as possible. 

    Strange how we rush from one thing to the next, pushing, pulling, trying to manipulate our time and our existence here on this earth when in reality only God can do anything with the “time” and “life” that He has created.

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