• 04Apr

    Things have progressed quite quickly on the house.  Today they installed the rough plumbing.  It was so neat!  I’m used to the idea of using PVC and running pipes to various places, but these guys were using colored piping that came in huge coils.  They actually had red pipe for the hot water lines and blue for the cold!  That was just so exciting to me.  If for some reason I end up doing some plumbing repairs somewhere down the line it will be neat to just look at the pipe and know whether or not it’s hot or cold water.

    It’s been cold and windy.  The house is located on top of a hill and since it was a corn field it is very exposed to the elements.  I am hoping to join the National Audubon Society, use their starter package of like 10 free trees, and get some wind breaks started as well as try to make a bit of shade for my “Danny Garden” (a little memorial spot with trees, flowers, shrubbery, and Dan’s box).  I’m guessing I will need a few more trees . . maybe some fruit trees . . but we will worry about that later.

    Anyway, the wind has been blowing the house wrap about and it sounds like gun shots sometimes.  That makes for chilly working conditions, but everyone has been real troopers about the weather.  Thank you so much for all your help, guys!!

    Sounds like we will be working on electrical next week, hopefully getting an inspector in to check out a couple of things and then maybe we can move on to insulation.  That will make for more pleasant working conditions.

    I added some more house pictures (including one from the inside) to the pictures page.  Either click on the “Pictures” tab at the top of the page or the “Pictures” link in the left hand column under “Pages” to see all of my pictures that have been published.

    Enjoy and keep praying!

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  • I built houses at one time, and your house sure is looking real good. I ‘m really happy for you!

  • Liisa, don’t forget that mother-in-law suite in the basement! I am sure missing you guys around here. I am dreaming about the kids at night and wake up thinking I am hearing Caleb crying. Could you please email your new address to me again – I seem to have misplaced it and I have some mail to forward to you. Continuing to pray for you!

  • So exciting to hear the progress on the house. Got an email from Great Grandma and she loved her visit and sang the praises of your children loud and long. You are doing a great job raising good and honorable children. Hope the wind slows down so you can build in warmth. Exciting!!!

  • Liisa, we joined the Arbor Day Foundation for the 10 free trees which when they arrived were about 12″ twigs. what a disappointment! so it would be awhile till they form a windbreak. and being that small, they were perfect for getting run over with the mower. on the contrary, don’t despise the small things (zec4:10)