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    I helped to frame up a wall today.  I’ve been wanting to do some framing ever since this project was considered feasible.  Framing isn’t exactly my area of expertise, and I really don’t have the muscle power to do a whole lot of it, especially when the nail guns weigh about as much as Caleb (baby) and you are supposed to hold them in one hand.  But back when Dan and I were seriously discussing building a house, Dan mentioned his love of framing.  It was actually a little difficult to get past the framing stage in our blueprints because he would get a bit hung up there.  He loved the way things would go up so quickly, but that a certain amount of precision was still required.  We were both sure we wanted to hire out the drywalling of such a big project, but Dan definitely wanted to be in on the framing.  So, when this house started to come together I very much wanted to be in on the framing.  I wanted to put in a nail for Dan.

    Today, while helping to frame up a wall for the basement stairs I tried to think of a way to explain why I wanted to help with the framing and all I could think of was, “I want to be able to tell Dan that I framed a wall or two in this house.”  I can see him smiling at me as I exhibit my excitement at “learning” a new skill.  I think he liked the fact that I wanted to be involved.  I just couldn’t quite wrap my mind around the fact that it was going to be a very looooong time before I could tell Dan anything like that and watch him smile at me, and by then it would probably not be anything of interest to either of us.

    I just keep looking at this house and saying, Dan SO wanted to be involved in this.  We had been trying so hard and the Lord just kept blocking us at every turn.  And now that Dan is gone, his dreams are starting to come to fruition.  Why couldn’t I do this WITH him?

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  • Oh, sweet Liisa, the Whys will never be answered, but a job well done shows the love you have for the one you wanted to do this with. I believe he sees and he knows, but with out a doubt we know that He sees and He knows. So keep doing the awesome things that will cause your children one day to rise up and call you blessed. Your works are praising you already and so will your children. So before the drywall goes on take your children and pick that special Daddy spot and let them each “write” their special message of love for the home that his absence is providing and remember to pray a thanksgiving for a God who even in Daddy’s absence is providing as He promised. He is the Daddy and hubby till He says otherwise. One day that will seem enough and if He has other plans He will show you when the time is right, but for now He will be and do all you could ever ask or think.

    I waited 14 years for something else and if it had never come I know I would have rejoiced in how God provided for me and my son and how He filled the quiet lonely times with Himself. Yes, the hollow places will become full of rejoicing again. Time does that with God’s help. And when He has filled them the joy of life will return. So while you wait enjoy every second with your children and find the ways to open the door to full joy and happiness. God gives it to you to bless one moment at a time.

    You are a woman after God’s own heart and a challenge to us all to trust Him more each day.

    You are loved and prayed for each day so go hug your babies for us and tell them we love them too.

    May this be a blessed weekend for all of you!

  • My Dear Liisa,
    I suspect that he knows about what you did and why you did it already. The Bible says that we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses – who is to say he wasn’t watching you! Our thoughts are toward you. Blessed be!