• 08Apr

    I mentioned something about a painting project we did in WV tonight and the kids didn’t remember it so I got some pictures out to show them (got the computer out actually).  They were quick to request more pictures. 

    Josiah said “I remember in WV that Daddy said he’d be back in five days.”  He was talking about Dan’s surgery.  We talked with them the night before the surgery and warned them of the possibility of Dan dying, but told them in all likelihood Daddy would be home in about five days.  

    I wanted to discuss the fact that Daddy didn’t really have any say in the matter, and that God would never let him down like that, but there was too much going on . . .

    Abigail also informed us that she “missed Daddy very much”.  My poor babies.

1 Comment to Five Days

  • ah, they miss Daddy. And in some ways they always will, but they will find a way to move forward and find joy in the new things that come their way. No. they are not forgetting just keeping going. And this will be good, but for now they just miss. I know well how hard it is when the door opens and it isn’t the special Daddy you want to see. Well, time will bring understanding and healing and pictures are a great way to help the process. You are doing great and I am thrilled with the progress on the house. Love you all.