• 17Apr

    We are gearing up for a family picture taking session.  People keep asking and I keep putting it off . . . I just don’t know if I can do it.  We used to joke that no sooner did we get our family photo updated than it would be outdated because I was pregnant again.  Now I am just having the awful feeling that our family photos will never be right again.  I’ll never have a family photo with Dan AND Caleb.  The kids are going to grow up and none of their pictures will ever have Dan in them again.  Looking at a family shot now just seems to make that big black spot . . the empty spot next to me, seem so much more bare and forlorn.  Steve and Annie Chapman sing a song that says “We are still a family.  Though one of us is gone, we can still carry on.  We are still a family.”  I haven’t been able to come to that realization yet.  I just don’t feel like a family any more.  Maybe a picture would help . . .

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  • I have not lost my husband but I have lost a daughter and my sister is really good with the computer and she was able to take a current family picture and put my duaghter in it who has been gone now for 2 years. I you would like to try this you can contact me at vernut74@Hotmail.com and I will give u her info. Even if it is a copy for you and the kids. My heart goes out to you and I am praying for you.

  • I agree with Verna, When my dad died I was six. We had family photos done and the photographer inserted my dad from another photo so that we could have one last picture of all of us. It could be the answer that you need. And will give Caleb one photo with Daddy in it. Worth a thought.

  • Why not give yourself time. It is not like you need to have a family photo right now if that will just speak pain to you. The old saying is true, pictures speak a 1000 words. It might just happen spontaneously some time and that can be a good memory compared to going to a studio, or planning a pose (which can be painful in itself!)