• 08Apr
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    I’m in limbo again.  I don’t have internet at the house where I am staying meaning that I need to do my internet stuff while at my parents.  This, Lord willing, will be something of a temporary situation, but in the mean time I will possibly be putting up more than one post at a time.  I apologize if this fills up your e-mails more than you would like. 

    Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.  The house is progressing well.  The rough plumbing is in, quite a bit of the rough electrical, the footer is down for the garage, windows and stairs are next on the list I think.  I helped unload a trailer load of block today.  And then they dumped a load of sand for the cement . . I had to stop and play in the sandbox.  =)

    We have also had some help from Florida this week.  That has been nice.  Friends of Dan and I from college were up north for some weddings and stopped in for a couple of days to help out and visit.  It was nice to see them again, catch up with each other, as well as get some help.  Thanks for coming!!

  • 08Apr

    I mentioned something about a painting project we did in WV tonight and the kids didn’t remember it so I got some pictures out to show them (got the computer out actually).  They were quick to request more pictures. 

    Josiah said “I remember in WV that Daddy said he’d be back in five days.”  He was talking about Dan’s surgery.  We talked with them the night before the surgery and warned them of the possibility of Dan dying, but told them in all likelihood Daddy would be home in about five days.  

    I wanted to discuss the fact that Daddy didn’t really have any say in the matter, and that God would never let him down like that, but there was too much going on . . .

    Abigail also informed us that she “missed Daddy very much”.  My poor babies.

  • 08Apr
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    Tues. 4-7-09

    I’m tired.  I’m tired of the battles fought on a regular basis in this sin-cursed world.  I’m tired of the day-to-day struggles.  I feel old, weary, and worn out.

    Imagine an immense task set before you, say cleaning out that garage.  The first thing you do is get rid of all the big stuff.  You have to haul all those big boxes of miscellaneous junk out to the trash, drag that old cast iron tub out to the driveway, hang bicycles up on those very high racks, get rid of that old washer that doesn’t work anymore . . . etc.  You tear into it because it is morning (the early years of life) and you have plenty of energy, but those things wear you out.  After hauling that tub and washer out your back is feeling sore, you are out of breath, and your muscles are screaming in protest.  But then you walk back to the garage and stand there at the door looking at the piles of stuff to still be sorted.  Most of it is on the floor meaning you will be doing more bending and your back is already protesting.  Lots of it is small stuff, the nitty-gritty that just takes patience and time (kind of like day-to-day life), and none of it looks clean.  You feel old, tired, and worn out and your day (life) is barely half over.  The end has it’s appeal, doesn’t it?

    That’s kind of like where I am at right now.  I’m just hoping my “2nd wind” kicks in somewhere, sometime, and I can complete my job with joy and enthusiasm.  For now it just looks like a never ending line of dirty nitty-

    gritty days with a sore back and aching muscles.