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    Why is it that certain phases of grieving make us want to avoid the things that will keep us healthy, stronger, and more capable of handling the grief?  Why do I struggle with eating and sleeping?

    And how much of our grief is fear of the unknown?  There seems to be a certain amount of fear of failure, of not being able to make the changes necessary to live without the thing or person we have lost.

    I’m sad tonight and I think I’m trying to get philosophical so that I have something to think about rather than wallowing in self-pity.

    I got a letter from a company that Dan had been working with to try to get a programming job.  They wanted him to send a resume.  Why am I still thinking things like “I should send them that resume while Dan is out of commission.” 

    Like maybe he’ll be better till we hear back?  Do I think I can do the work until he’s ready to take over?

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  • I receive missionary newsletters/prayer letters/updates from many missionaries and others. Would you like for me to forward some to you so you can contact some yourself to be added to their email list? There is probably nothing better for getting your mind off your grief than expanding and intensifying your prayer ministry worldwide. However, you would not need to respond to any that you don’t want to hear from or if you simply do not have time to be a prayer partner. Frankly, I do not know how you find time for any, but you seem to be very versatile. I would advise you to add only one or two–at least at first. Let me know whether you want me to send any (perhaps one or two at a time). If you think it would be too much for you right now, don’t hesitate to say so. Some send prayer letters very regularly, some once a month, some about every theer months. When you mentioned needing something to take your mind off your grief, I immediately thought about what a rich prayer ministry I could offer you. You can decide whether the Holy Spirit planted that thought.

    I also receive regularly some forwarded emails that are funny, amazing, and/or thought-provoking. If you want me to choose some of the most interesting to forward to you, let me know. I would be selective.

    May God bless you and make you a blessing today.

    Wentworth Pike

  • Liisa, stop and imagine for a moment: You, trying to create a computer program. HA! How long would you be able to sit at that screen without wiggling?

    God sure did give Dan some impressive talents, didn’t He?

    On a more serious note: I hear you. I’m listening. I care. And most importantly, God prompts me to intercede for you…sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes at the oddest times during the day. God is giant.

  • Liisa~just like Missy, God prompts me to pray for you and others at different moments of the day. Sometimes, late at night when I’m in bed I listen to Nightsounds on WPGM. The muic is beautiful and sometimes the words spoken are convicting and at other times they are so refreshing to my soul even at 1am. But, God will use certain song to prompt me to pray for people.
    I know years ago when I lost my mama, the grief was unbearable at times. I tried many ways to get through it, but sometimes the only way was for me to find peace was to go outside, look up and talk to my mama and than talk to God. He knows our hearts, but He want to hear our voice calling to Him for comfort. I pray this is some kind of help to you.