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    I recieved a piece of mail today thanking Dan and I for our contribution and encouraging us to continue to “lay up treasures in heaven” by, of course, contributing more money.  For some reason that phrase really struck me.  It was probably that word “heaven”.  I got to wondering if Dan is even noticing the treasures that he “laid up”.  If Jesus is our focus then our true treasure will be Him and our relationship with Him.  Dan’s not gloating in the “many jewels in his crown” or the piles of treasure he earned, or the beautiful house Jesus made for him.  He’s delighting in a perfect relationship with his Lord and Maker.

    Me, I’m just missing my “treasure” that I “laid up” in heaven.

    If “Home is Where the Heart Is”  then  “This World is Not My Home, I’m Just A Passing Through”

    I guess I still have 7 (8 if you count Paleb) little pieces of my heart right here.  I just wish that faulty heart with a hole in it was still here next to mine sharing in those little pieces.  I told Dan it would be miserable being married to him if he was perfect.  Well, now that he’s perfect, I’m miserable.

3 Comments to Treasures in Heaven

  • I like your writing in this one. I can’t think of the right word to describe the phrases. oh, and here i am talking about your writing style and you wonder — does she miss the whole message.
    now i feel like zac when he watched Pinnochio — “I don’t like this! No! I don’t like this!” It was so funny to us, but I understand now — he was just doing what we adults wish we could when we are filled with emotion. To just blurt loud “I don’t like this!” 🙂 I don’t want Danny to be in Heaven (I mean I do, I just wish it were 60 years from now) Anyways,,, so Jesus is our treasure. I wonder what happens with the treasure the Bible says to lay up. “Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven… for where your treasure is there will your heart be also.” Maybe it’s a way of giving Jesus our hearts.

  • When you figure out the “word to describe the phrases” let me know. I didn’t realize there was anything special about this one. Maybe a good use of adjectives? =) not
    Anyway, coming from you, commenting on the writing style, makes me go back and read it and wonder how to duplicate it. =) Thanks for the compliment.

  • I agree! I don’t like this either not one tiny bit. 60 years sounded good, but not to be. Oh, for the honesty of kids and feelings. I wonder why we adults think we have to hide them. Well, I wish that our treasures didn’t have to be so painful when we lay them up in heaven. Sharon and Liisa, 44 years ago I had to lay up a treasure in heaven, he was my daddy, he was 44 years old and I wanted to keep him. I can assure you that for all the times I missed him I am thankful that because of his early arrival in heaven thousands of people have had the opportunity to live for many years and hear of Jesus because of his willingness to try a new treatment. It didn’t work for him, but it was because of him that they found what needed to be different for it to work for others. I guess that is his treasure being laid up in heaven 44 years after his journey to heaven.

    So my sweet girls. In 31 years when you look back and see all the treasures laid up in heaven I hope and pray that you will be able to see how God cared for you while your sweet Danny continued to lay up treasure in heaven.

    You are loved, Auntie Joanne