• 10Mar

    I feel a cry coming on.
    First thought: Quick, find something to do to distract you.
    Second thought: Am I avoiding the grieving process? Is this going to warp me?
    Third thought: Why am I analyzing this? Go to bed and you’ll feel better in the morning.
    Fourth thought: I’m a nut case! The Lord sure does have a sense of humor to have created someone like me. Are He and Dan laughing at me up there?

3 Comments to Thoughts

  • Another suggestion from someone who has never been in your situation!
    Get a pack of small index cards. Print one Bible verse of encouragement on one side of each of two cards (one verse per card). Print the reference on the other side. Stick one a day on the mirror. Carry one with you with the same verse as the one on the mirror. Review it at mealtimes and/or whenever you feel like it. You’ll soon find that a glance will do. Don’t try to make time to memorize, just read the verse often enough and soon you will say it by only reading the reference. If not, just flip and read again.

    NO REPLY NEEDED until you just want to tell me how it worked (or didn’t).

  • I have never lost a spouse so maybe I shouldn’t throw my 2 cents in, but I did lose my mother and father and that hurts bad. I send you this big HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, may God bless you.