• 02Mar

    I had two interesting things come to my attention during my sick day

    I have 8 kids, not 7.  I have Benjamin (6), Josiah (5), Abigail (4), Dassy (3), Maranatha (2), Payden (1), Caleb (baby) and somewhere in there I seem to have picked up a Pa-leb.  =)  Must be the inbetweener between Payden and Caleb.  Poor kid . . not quite sure who his parents are, what he’s doing here in my house and why he seems to get into so much trouble.  (for those of you who are a bit slower at understanding my humor, I seem to have a problem with combining Payden and Caleb’s names)

    And the second thing I noticed today has to do with the kids energy.  I had lots of time to be formulating theories since I was sick and not doing a whole lot.  My theory is that kids really don’t have all that much extra energy, but rather that they have come up with a sneaky method of  sucking out our energy and feeding off of that.  Consequently, we feel even more exhausted after a run in with one of these diabolical energy sucking little monsters, and they in turn are invigorated.

    On a more sane note, I had a wonderful day.  I slept till noon, laid around all afternoon, got some quilting done, watched a bit of “Superman”, played with the kids, and am looking forward to going to bed early.  I’m still feeling the effects of the bug, but at least tomorrow looks manageable.  Thank you Janet!!  May you get the rest you deserve by going to work tomorrow.  =)

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