• 06Mar

    We were watching some movie today (dont’ remember what it was) that had a wedding in it.  The girl is all dressed up in her wedding finery, looking charming and just waiting with great impatience for the chance to kiss her prince. 

    Abigail looks at her and says, “Why is she wearing a curtain on her head.”


    Oh, and Caleb gave me a really big grin tonight. . . after I burped him.  =)  He’s so cute!

3 Comments to Lighter note

  • I love the funny things kids say. If I ever have kids I will have to write down some of the things they say and put it up at their wedding. Won’t they hate that?

  • Bullfrogs and bukaflies they both been born again with blueberries flying out of the mouth was one of my favorite toddler songs. Every day after lunch I was serrinaded with that for months.

    Kids sure are full of surprises.

    Love the sayings. and really why do we wear curtians over our heads. It just makes it harder to see and not trip. Or maybe I am just a clutz. Well, I love the curtians. lol