• 20Mar

    I feel like I had lots to laugh about today.  I think I must have gotten a good nights sleep last night.  I don’t remember getting up to feed Caleb, but he was in my bed this morning so I must have slept through it.

    The kids had me rolling at one point.  I would love to tell you what I was laughing about . . I’m dying to tell someone . . but I don’t dare.  They had me blushing and laughing for more than half an hour.  It still makes me laugh and blush and it’s hours later.  The things they remember about their Dad. . .  Laughing

    We watched America’s Funniest Home Video’s tonight before bed and that gave me something to laugh about, too.  And I got an e-mail with church bulletin bloopers, too.  After the heaviness of the last two days, the light heartedness of today feels like taking the training weights off for the big race.  It won’t last, but it is nice to enjoy it.

    Honest, pure, carefree laughter in one of the best medicine’s I know.  I love to laugh.  I was SO wanting to pick up the phone, call Dan at work, and tell him what the kids said.  Better yet, wait till he got home and see if he blushed as bad as I did.

5 Comments to Laughter

  • A merry heart does good like a medicine. Laughter truly is a gift from God and the prescription from the Great Physician. I am glad you had a great laugh today.

  • Keep your funny secret and be ready to laugh when they forget and say those funny things when others are around. They all seem to. At least all my neices and nephews did, my kids do and well, so do the ones you baby sit. We adults are just doomed to be laughing at ourselves for life. Look for the funny side to things and you will find it.