• 05Mar

    Just another update on the house.  This is the official time frame sent from the boss.

    We anticipate the foundation walls to be set March 23rd.  We are using Superior walls which are a premade thing that just need set in place.  We are trying to schedule the concrete floor pouring shortly thereafter.  Someone has volunteered to take care of that for us.  The first floor could be framed and sheeted the first week of April.

    Transportation to and from Harrisburg, PA airport is available, sleeping accommodations, meals, etc. are also available to anyone wanting to help.  Your own hammer and tape measure will probably be useful to you, but we will have most tools available here.  We will need to know how many of you are coming, when you are coming, when you are planning to leave, what kind of accomodations will be needed (single or families), etc.

    This is not a pressure thing.  I don’t want you to feel like you have to come help, but I did want you to know what is going on in case you were considering coming out for a while.

    The Lord is working in fantastic ways here.  There are so many aspects of this building project where He is just doing amazing things.  Sometimes I cry because of the happy things the Lord is doing in my life, sometimes I cry because of the hard things.  Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I sigh, but the fact of the matter is, the Lord is still working in my life and He is doing wonderful things and someday I hope to see the whole picture, just like someday I hope to see the whole house.Smile

    Thanks again to all of you who are supporting us financially, in prayer, in love, and in action.  Love to all!

5 Comments to House specifics

  • When the house is done we would like to see a picture. May God bless you and the children FOREVER!!!

  • You will have to post progression pictures as the house is built, so we can see the progress from start to finish!

  • Are there certain times and phases of building when unskilled labor would be needed more? I’m guessing that the grunt work comes up front, then the electricians, plumbers, carpet layers, etc. come in. Does PA require that you use licensed professionals or can anyone work under the direction of you general contractor?