• 25Mar

    Great Grandma Ewing and Aunt Ellen have arrived safe and sound!  They made the trip from Alberta, Canada without any major hassles and we are delighted to have them here.  Thank you, Lord.  Hopefully we will be able to spend some time at the park tomorrow so that the abundance of noise that all 16 grandchildren make (all 6 and under, may I remind you) will be less noticeable.  Smile 

    The kids warmed up to them right away.  Maranatha (2) demanded to sit on Great Grandma’s lap within minutes of being introduced.  Dassy (3) cuddled right up and wanted to sing, Benjamin(6) and Josiah (5) filled them in on countless pieces of information that were of major importance (such as the goings on in AWANA tonight, the lemonade Benjamin made for a school project, and the fact that Josiah is done school, but Benjamin isn’t), and Payden(1) and Abigail(4) gave them their big grins and bounced all over.

    They get it from their Dad.

6 Comments to Great Grandma

  • Wonderful news! have a wonderful time together. And take lots of pictures!! What a beautiful site to see all those sweet children together.

  • Well, All I can say is that I hope the kids are spoiled rotten by the time Great Grandma and Auntie Ellen leave. I hear they are great story readers and coloring partners too! Have an awesome time.

  • By the way I love the pictures of the house. Even Uncle Graham got excited! He is our quiet one so that is saying something. Keep the updates coming.

  • They are driving me nuts…i can hardly wait for them to go…park, shopping, it just doesn’t stop! EMD