• 19Mar
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    Back when we were dating I remember how Dan would come for a visit or I would visit him and it would be a fabulous time.  It was so exciting to have him close, to be able to see him.  We long distance dated (while engaged) for about 14 or 15 months if I remember correctly.  We told all our friends it was a STUPID thing to do!!!  Don’t do it!!  If you get engaged, then plan the wedding for two months later!  I would be miserable for at least two weeks after he left.  Then I’d resign myself to waiting some more and try to get back into the swing of things.  I hated GreyHound.  That awful bus always showed up way to early for my taste.  And then that same service almost made Dan late enough to miss our wedding!!  Like within 5 minutes kind of late!!!!

    Anyway, I’ve been feeling some of that same misery today.  Yesterday I could see him, literally.  Today I’m miserable.  He’s gone again and this time I don’t have GreyHound to blame.  The anticipation for Heaven is sharpened once again.  My poor children . . at least my parents knew why I woke up grouchy.

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