• 14Mar

    I’ve got a great weight loss program for you all to try!! 

    I went to a spa this week.  Some friends from our church in Clarksburg thought I needed some pampering and they set me up with a local spa.  THANK YOU!!  I put it off for awhile ’cause I’ve never done anything like this before, but I finally gritted my teeth, picked up that hated phone, and made my reservations.  It was GREAT!!  I had a 30 minute massage that almost put me to sleep.  Going to have to teach Abigail how to do those I think. 

    I got my nails done.  I really don’t know why I did that.  I don’t usually like nail polish on my fingers and with kids and all it’s not like it stays long.  It didn’t take long to chip them, that’s for sure.  But it was kind of fun anyway.  So I guess I did it just to say I did it.  When I get the chance to pick up a hammer I’m sure it will be all gone.  Manicured nails don’t go real well with hammers anyway (despite the fact that hammers and nails are often associated with each other). 

    And I got my hair cut.  That is actually where the weight loss came from.  I think I lost two to three pounds just by getting my hair cut!  Doesn’t help much with muscle tone . . .  I’m still trying to get used to the new style and I’ve been wondering if Dan is up there trying to convince the Lord to zap me with a lightning bolt for getting it cut.  There is actually a zillion emotions and thoughts running through my head about this new hair cut.  Dan really liked my long hair.  He would trim it for me occasionally and he hated cutting two inches off to get rid of the split ends!  Well, I donated my hair to “Locks of Love” if that tells you anything.  It was heavy!!  The idea is that shorter hair will be easier to take care of, thus being more efficient.  Extremely useful, especially while I am still dealing with the baby stage with Caleb.  He just has a way of destroying any kind of schedule I set up. 

    But sometimes efficiency isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    I’ve long had a compulsion for efficiency.  I can remember reading “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “Belles on Their Toes” (the sequel) and being totally fascinated with the Dad’s job.  He was some kind of efficiency expert that would go around to different factories and the like and show them different ways to improve and increase production.  He, of course, had to do things the same way at home.  I’ve actually used some of the ideas in the book as well as come up with several of my own.

    The thing that brought all that to mind was the amount of time I spent waiting for Dan.  For those of you who knew Dan in college (I’m told it was a bit different in OR) you knew that he was always late, or at least, never early.  So I spent a lot of time while we were dating just waiting for him to show up.  Realizing very quickly that I wasn’t going to be able to change him, I came up with a substitute plan.  I took something with me to do while waiting.  Sometimes I memorized verses for class, sometimes I read a book, sometimes I crocheted, sometimes I wrote, whatever the case I always had something with me.  (Fine Arts were cool because a girl just didn’t leave the dorm until her date showed up, which meant that Dan would have to show up “early” and WAIT FOR ME!!  Smile)

    Anyway, all that kind of carried over into married life (of course).  I wasn’t necessarily waiting for him to show up since I was usually with him, but there were still many occasions where waiting was still a necessary evil.  I had taught myself to be doing something while I waited, but I’ve never really grasped the concept of doing something with someone while I waited.  Consequently, while waiting for things I would be occupied, but Dan or the kids wouldn’t necessarily have that luxury.  I wonder just what kind of relationships I could have been building if I had been taking those waiting moments and used them for conversation, for touch, for play, rather than trying to get another project done, or another task accomplished. 

    There is the arguement that playing during all those waiting moments adds up to a whole lot of time wasted, but when you think about it, it’s our relationships, our contact with other humans, our reaching out to those around us that is really important.  It’s our fellow humans that have eternal value, not the projects and tasks that we fill our days with here on earth.

    Yes, there is a time and a place for efficiency and I’m not saying that learning to spend those little moments in “profitable pursuits” was wrong, just that sometimes the perspective is wrong and the “why’s” and “wherefores” of such “profitable pursuits” are selfish and not serving.

    So, to wrap this all up . . yes, my new hair cut is more efficient.  No, Dan would not have liked it.  Yes, it was given to someone in need.  Yes, I do need the time for other things.  Yes, I would probably do it all over again.  But no, I am not sure I really wanted to be efficient, yet.

    Maybe I feel like I’ve lost another link to my Danny.  I’ll go cry about it and then I’ll be just fine.  Makes me feel like I’m grieving in pieces.  Grieve this little bit, then that piece, then something else over here . . . once I have had a chance to grieve for all the pieces  . . . guess I’m still waiting for that day.  So until then I will try to use my time efficiently and with the goal of People/Heaven in mind.

6 Comments to Efficiency

  • Liisa, for those of us who haven’t seen you with a short hair cut in….forever, can’t wait to see you in April:)

  • Waiting. Ah, yes, if I am not waiting for my hubby or one of my kids, they are waiting for me. Some have learned to carry something to do and that too is building relationship as boredom usually causes us to think and do less than nice things about the one making us wait. But not to worry time yet to play and do all of that. And I know that part of what Danny liked in you was that you found a way to wait happily and not grumpy. In its own way it showed him that you cared enough to stay happy for him even when it meant waiting. As to the weight loss I would have to give it a try if I had any hair to cut. Love you. Oh by the way my son, Josh thinks you would be someone he would like to meet because you have shown such resiliance. Of the three boy cousins on the Ewing side Josh and Danny. although one was dark and one fair, are so much alike that it is almost funny. Often, when Josh has been prattling on I can remember having a similar conversation with Danny years ago. Danny was the oldest boy cousin, Josh the youngest, but so similar. And they both know quality when they see it. So, Liisa girl, you are quality and I am proud to know you and call you family. Auntie Joanne

  • We need to see a picture of your new haircut. I think anyway. Dan used to give me a hard time about cutting my hair. I always deliberatley showed it off just to get a rise out of him. I never even cut it very short. Usually just a good trim. Now mine pretty much stays shoulder length or a little longer. I can’t get it to look good long. Oh well.

  • 1. Hammer and nails – haha!

    2. I’d like to see the new haircut. I can’t wrap my imagination around the idea of Liisa with short hair.

    3. Cheaper By The Dozen was one of my dad’s favorite books. When the original movie showed on TV, Dad taped it, and it became one of the family favorites because it was pretty much our life on script. It was so favorite, in fact, that when the new movie came out years ago, our entire family went to the theater to see it! That has never happened in the history of our family before or since.

    4. So efficiency isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Maybe what we really need is balance: a little efficiency, a little playtime.

    And we press on towards the mark. Together.

  • Liisa, do you like your hair short? I’m sure it will save you a little time combing it or getting ready to go out. As for wieght loss — maybe that’s why I can’t seem to lose any weight. Every time I step on the scale it says the same thing, though I’m sure I lost something…but my hair keeps growing. I think Missy is right about balance. Efficiency is good, but you still need downtime and playtime.

  • Liisa, you need to post a picture of yourself with the new haircut, it sounds really cute!!!