• 15Mar

    We went to the beach tonight with the cousins hoping to wear the kids out with some running around on the stairs and the sand.  It must have worked because they all fell asleep rather quickly.  However, I would like to ask that you all pray that Abigail doesn’t get sick.  She got a little closer to the water than was planned.  There were some big chunks of snow in the water and the kids thought it looked like great fun to play on.  We quickly discouraged them from playing on them, but on the way to safety Abigail slipped and ended up soaking wet.  I took her home right away and she got a bath and got warmed up, but it’s enough to make me worry.  I worry about Abigail already. . . I’m just afraid she isn’t mine to keep.

    None of them are mine to keep.  They are God’s children and He is fully capable of taking care of them.  And even if Abigail isn’t mine to keep, I shouldn’t waste my time with her worrying and fretting about what I can’t control anyway.  Today has enough problems of it’s own . . .

    Worry, worry, fret, fret . . . . Give it up, Liisa.  God is big enough.  He will not give you more than you can handle.

    Yeah, but I worry about how much He thinks I can handle!

    God’s grace is sufficient when we need it, not before we need it.  You have experienced that, REMEMBER!!

    But drowning!!

    God’s grace is sufficient for her, too.

    Here comes the fear and panic . .

    You know Satan is using this as a tool.  A hint of distrust, worry so that all the world sees is a lack of trust, fear to cloud our vision, panic so that we are unable to make wise choices, pride as we try to handle the situation on our own without God’s help . . .

    And no, having Dan here wouldn’t have changed anything . . .

    Focus on the one that matters.  Thank Him for His goodness, His protection, His love, His watchcare over the widows and orphans.  Remind yourself, “He will never leave you, nor forsake you.”  He loves you!!  He wants what is best for you and for your children!!  He is perfect and His way is perfect!  You were willing to trust Dan, why not God ?

    O.K. I’m going to quit talking to myself and get to bed.  You have been a witness of the dual natures of Liisa.  Nothing that has been said can be held against me since the other me will probably deny that I was talking, or that both of us were there.

3 Comments to Dual Natures

  • You are all in my prayers and GOD is really big enough, He wants nothing for us but the best. Nothing from us but our undivided LOVE!

  • We may know all the answers but Mom’s still know the fear of losing one of their babies. How many times did I plead with God to just give me this one more day to love the child He gave me, and then one more and one more. Well, it is now 18 and a half years and I still ask for just one more chance to hold him to show him love and no I don’t think it ever stops for moms. But that said I will pray for God’s special protection for this little angel and for you to have those extra days to hold and love and teach. And not to worry the other 6 are still in my prayers too, but for now extra for her and mommy. Love you.