• 17Mar

    How many of you clean your houses in bits and pieces?  You sweep the floors one day, dust another, wash the tub today, the sink tomorrow, the toilet the next day . . . I’m beginning to feel like I clean my kids the same way.  I gave the girls a bath the other night, but didn’t do their hair.  Today the boys got their shirts changed, but not their pants.  Caleb (baby) and Maranatha (2) got their hair washed tonight, but nothing else.  How am I supposed to feel like I accomplished something if nothing is ever done? 

    I just had to laugh when I realized that I’m cleaning the kids the same way I clean my house.  Some day I’ll get it together!  Smile

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  • Liisa,

    Just so you know…REALLY you are not the only one that works this way.

    As I clean homes for my clients, I really prefer not to do my own home the same way….then it seems like a job. I usually tackle ONE larger job and ONE smaller job each day….then something DOES get accomplished, but there is time for other things like cooking meals, laundry, and like you, washing at least one of my children each day ! : )

    I am NOT a super woman, and feel too overwhelmed if I take on too much each day. I can’t even begin to imagine how you manage to fit school into the mix.

    I am glad that Ethan will be starting Kindergarten this fall. That will open up a couple of hours each morning for a few additional tasks.

    You ARE doing a great job, even if it doesn’t feel like it everyday.

    Thinking of you often,


  • Liisa,
    I can relate…I wash faces and forget hands…etc. I still usually get the whole bath done, though I have help. Cleaning my house is the same way. 5-15 minutes at a time. I use http://www.FlyLady.net and it has helped me be able to accomplish “more” in less time leaving me time to “play” and still feel like I’m accomplishing things I need to do. ((HUGS))

  • Don’t worry even if you bathed a whole baby at once and did that till they were 18 they somehow still find a way to only bath part of themselves at a time for a few years till of course the birds or the bees whisper for them to remember that there may be another way. Lots of fun, I was a nanny for 6 kids. Most of the time the little ones got spot washed enough that they were cleaner than the big ones who should have been doing it for themselves. Well, at least you are saving water. lol Love you.