• 21Mar

    Caleb (baby) gave me a real honest to goodness chuckle tonight.  I love baby laughs.  It’s what makes having babies all worth while.  Much as I dislike being pregnant it’s a real bummer to think that I probably won’t have the fun of hearing my baby’s first chuckle again.  He’s (Caleb) getting big.  He’s sitting on my lap right now staring at the computer screen intently and talking up a storm.  If he’s not careful he will get to be just as good as his daddy at talking me to sleep. Smile

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  • Thanks for sharing about Caleb. We are great-grandparents, but don’t see any of our GREAT-grandbabies very often. We have 6 plus 1 in heaven and 3 more en route this summer. Keep on telling us about your children; it will do you good and help you, too! One of ours is Kaleb! (Now, whoever heard of spelling it like that?) Your Caleb probably chuckles when you laugh or play with him. The best way to honor Dan si to pour yourself whole-heartedly into his children
    With Jesus’ love and with prayer,

    Wentworth and Doloris Pike

  • Good Morning Liisa,

    I just wanted to share with you, that I too will never likely hear another of my own babies first laughs. I am pretty sure that we are done….so you win, you have heard four more first laughs than I.

    Paige is getting so big now too. She was only three months old, at Katherine’s wedding last summer….not sure if you remember her from our quick meeting there.

    I am really looking forward to hearing all about the kids, from Mom after she gets home from visiting with you. I think she and Grandma Ewing are coming on Wednesday?? Anyway, keep up the great work with the kids, life, and your commitment to The Lord.

    Your in my prayesr. M

  • Ah! baby laughs. from the depths of their little tummies. I love it. Have fun visiting with Grandma and Auntie Ellen. We look forward to hearing their stories when they get home.