• 27Mar

     Ohhhh!  My Daddy’s going to be laughing at me.  I just spent some time at the gym playing around with a basketball and keeping an eye on some kids and I am STIFF!  If 30 minutes of ball playing ( and playing is the operative word there, nothing serious) makes me want a hot shower and a bed, then what is half a day of construction work going to do to me?

    I remember scampering around on various roof’s helping my Dad and my Uncle Gary during the summers of my high school years.  I seem to have lost quite a bit of that flexibility already.  Amazing what 7 years of lazing around (totally different kind of work being pregnant) will do to a body.  Is it possible to get some of that back?  No wonder people complain that getting old is no fun.  And I was hoping to play football with my boys when they were in high school . . Amazing how dumb you can be as a teenager.

1 Comment to Basketball

  • Football while they are 5 and 6 is much safer. I find that when they are twice mom’s size that things hurt a lot worse. They think they are being so gentle and our teeth are falling out. Well, lots of fun ahead.