• 24Mar

    Every morning I am awakened by the sound of Caleb’s cries.  It’s as if he is saying, “Mom, something’s not right.  There is an emptiness in me that I know you can fill.  Come on, Mom.  Why don’t you do something about this?  Now! Mom!”  Being the good, responsible mother that I am Wink, I get up and prepare to feed him only to find him sucking on his fist, searching for what he knows is there somewhere, all the while complaining because he isn’t getting the sustenance that he wants.

    This morning I surprised myself by saying, “Let Mommy sastisfy you.” (I don’t usually like to talk that early in the morning. Smile)  For some reason that comment just really caught my attention and flew away with me to the regions of profound thought.

    I do this every day, too.  I cry, “God! I need you!  Something’s not right here.  I know you can fill me.  Well, come on, fill me, Now!”  And God is right there, willing to give me the sustenance I need.  But sometimes I fill my day with work, movies, books, activities, people, you name it, stuffing my fist into my mouth so to speak, trying to find something to fill a hole that only He can fill.  And then I get mad at Him for not feeding me.  If I would just stop and take a few minutes to rest in His arms,  read His Word and allow Him to fill me, then I wouldn’t have to spend my day trying to ease the hunger pains by stuffing my fist in my mouth.

    Silly, Liisa.  Quite being a baby.