• 17Mar

    Two days without Grandma.  Two more to go.  We miss you!!

    Four days on my own.  A small taste of what the future holds for me.  I try not to think about the future too much.  It scares me.  It sounds even lonelier than I feel now.  It has the potential of driving me to exhaustion.  It makes me feel weak, helpless, and hopeless.

    Fear of the future is something that I have battled before.  Every time I got pregnant I hit a stage where I thought, “How in the world am I going to be able to handle another child?”  And every single time the Lord reminded me that He would help.  And He never failed me.  True the first month was usually difficult as we settled back into some kind of a routine, but I’m still here, aren’t I?

    I may not be able to see my future.  I may not even be able to handle my future.  But God can see my future and He has promised to be with me.  He will carry me through.

  • 17Mar

    How many of you clean your houses in bits and pieces?  You sweep the floors one day, dust another, wash the tub today, the sink tomorrow, the toilet the next day . . . I’m beginning to feel like I clean my kids the same way.  I gave the girls a bath the other night, but didn’t do their hair.  Today the boys got their shirts changed, but not their pants.  Caleb (baby) and Maranatha (2) got their hair washed tonight, but nothing else.  How am I supposed to feel like I accomplished something if nothing is ever done? 

    I just had to laugh when I realized that I’m cleaning the kids the same way I clean my house.  Some day I’ll get it together!  Smile