• 08Mar
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    Why is it that certain phases of grieving make us want to avoid the things that will keep us healthy, stronger, and more capable of handling the grief?  Why do I struggle with eating and sleeping?

    And how much of our grief is fear of the unknown?  There seems to be a certain amount of fear of failure, of not being able to make the changes necessary to live without the thing or person we have lost.

    I’m sad tonight and I think I’m trying to get philosophical so that I have something to think about rather than wallowing in self-pity.

    I got a letter from a company that Dan had been working with to try to get a programming job.  They wanted him to send a resume.  Why am I still thinking things like “I should send them that resume while Dan is out of commission.” 

    Like maybe he’ll be better till we hear back?  Do I think I can do the work until he’s ready to take over?