• 25Feb
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    I’m in a dreary depressed mood today.  Just can’t seem to shake the college blues.  Many thanks to those who wrote with memories of their own.  I desperately wanted to hear them.  I want to go curl up some where and cry, but alas while I may have permission to grieve I have not been granted the privilege of forsaking responsibility in order to grieve.  So, I must tuck it away, keep an eye on the kids, finish school, fold piles of laundry, get lunch and supper, and hope that I get the chance after bedtime.

4 Comments to too busy

  • The weather here is taking a turn for the better– is there?? If it is take a couple of hours responsibility free and take the kids and go play at the park~~ get some sunshine and give your permissiion to have some fun. I’ll pray you will have time for you tonight, everyone will go to sleep easily and early (do those happen together?? LOL) Love ya, and miss ya~~

  • I threw out my update. I looked for Danny’s name right away. Then I went to our mom’s house and saw your update and now I am wondering — Why did I do that? I should have saved that. Sometimes I am impulsive, our trash went out already too.

  • Liisa–This may sound totally weird, but when the boys were little and I needed a good long cry–I took a shower as soon as time would allow. The shower was a good friend to me many times. You need to get it out!