• 28Feb

    Sick kids tonight.  Josiah(5) started it a couple of days ago.  Said his stomach hurt and spit up before getting in the shower like Thursday morning or something.  The girls really started getting crabby.  Then either Thur or Fri night Abigail(4)  falls asleep on the couch before supper.  She woke up around bed time and headed back to bed without hardly a complaint.  She slept in later than normal, has been grouchy and sluggish all day, fever of 101, not much interested in eating and says she’s cold.  Maranatha(2) picked up the symptoms and mentioned her ears and it all fell into place.  Payden(1) has been clingy, wants his bottle, and is starting to get a fever, too.  Caleb(baby) has been grouchy the last day or two as well and the only time he seems really happy is when he’s eating.  Probably the sucking helps with the pain.  I’m getting tired too so I’d better get to bed and get some sleep before I get sick, too.  Praise the Lord for Mother-in-Law’s!  Hope she doesn’t get sick!!!!

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