• 05Feb

    I had another dream about Dan last night.  He looked at me and said “You’ve been acting like I’m dead and gone already.” and then he proceeded to give me a very long intense kiss.  But even in my dreams the kids interrupt and I was off to take care of some problem in the other room.  When I did wake up I was still reprimanding myself for “acting like he was dead and gone already” and then after I got a bit more oriented I realized that he really was gone.  For a moment there all was right in my world again . . and then reality kicked in.  I don’t like being a realist.

2 Comments to Reality

  • I’m a realist too, so I know how that goes. I think sometimes it is harder for us as realists to let faith kick in and take over because we see how things really are verses the pessimist who knows that he is over exaggerating. But God always gives the encouragement to really on Him and I have found it comforting to my realist mind to remember that the reality of it all is that God is greater than anything and everything and He loves me. God bless you and keep you always and hold you close.