• 04Feb

    Went to a Bible study this morning and the topic was “How to love our husbands”.  This is the first time I’ve gone.  I looked at the schedule and this was the only week they had scheduled to talk specifically about husbands.  Now how did I manage that?!  Actually it went well. 

    But the reason that I even bothered to tell you that was because I was reminded of something.  You see, “loving our husbands” might have been the topic, but there are a lot of people in every one’s lives that we need to love.  We also touched on love in Sunday School this week and again I was reminded of the same thing.  Love is not an emotion.  Isn’t that an incredible thought?!  This world has us so duped into believing that love is a feeling, it’s something that happens to us whether we want it to or not.  But that really isn’t the case.  Love is an action.  I want to love God.  So what do I do?  I obey His commandments.  I develop a relationship by reading the Bible and praying.  I do something nice for a neighbor and friend in His name. 

    If I want to love my children it should be the same way.  I need to actively be pursuing things that please them.  Frankly, laundry doesn’t fall into that category.  If I want to love my neighbor I need to think about things that please them.  It’s easy in this time of grief to forget about others and their needs.  My pain can be somewhat overwhelming and it often blocks out everything else.  I’m not saying that is not normal or that it is even a bad thing, it’s just something that I need to keep in the forefront of my mind.  Not everyone is thinking about and wanting to talk about Dan, or even death. 

    So, Lord, I guess I’m praying that you would give me opportunities to reach out of my pain and help those around me who might be going through some very tough things themselves.  And then bop me over the head until I realize that you are giving me that opportunity.  And help me to find ways to reach out to my kids.  I’m so lost in myself . . are you bopping me over the head right now?  Can’t get a whole lot closer than my kids . . . sigh.

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