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    I had an “Ah Hah!” moment in Sunday School yesterday about heaven.  C.S. Lewis said that those who take the words used to describe heaven (e.g. gold, harps, city, gates of pearl . . .) and try to use them literally might as well assume that when the Bible tells us to be like doves it wants us to lay eggs.  He also reminds us that so often we have a hunger for something that things here on earth just can not satisfy.  That is not because God wanted to make us miserable, but rather because sin has warped our world so badly that what God originally created is no longer here, or at least not the way God intended it, and we have to wait till we get to heaven to get the real thing that will satisfy.

    I knew heaven was a wonderful place and that once I got there I would think it was fantastic, but I kept getting hung up on the way “people” describe heaven.  I knew it had to be better than what they were telling me because I knew that our ability to think big is still quite limited, but I failed to recognize that not only do we not think big enough we also don’t have the words to even convey half of what heaven is really like.  So “onward and upward!”  Heaven here I come!

    Ah, but again reality sets in.  Heaven is merely my future, not my present. 


    So bleak and so gray

    Seems the never-ending day

    As I long for Heaven again.


    So lost and alone

    As I face the unknown

    Still longing for heaven again.


    The place of such bliss

    Such hope and tenderness

    Now longing for heaven again


    Where loved ones have gone

    But here, life still goes on

    Yet longing for heaven again


    Rough I know, maybe I’ll work on it later.  I feel pretty rough, too, so I guess it fits.  How can I do any good here on earth when I long so much for the “something more”?  I must be getting tired.

3 Comments to Longing for Heaven

  • Liisa,
    Your longing for “somthing more” is what can help you do what God wants you to do here on earth. Sharing your longing with others, encouraging them to have the same desire and planting seeds and letting God use you in his ultimate plan to bring Glory to Him is one of the greatest Gifts that God has blessed you with.

  • I kept thinking while reading the poem. What song is this? Must be one she learned in Mi or College. hmm. You are getting better. God speaks through the soul, solely centered on Him. I am in a silly mood I think. I hope you are smiling at me, Liisa!