• 27Feb

    I had an “Ah hah!” moment in child rearing today.  I often think, “My parents did it this way and it worked just fine for me.” Meaning, that I don’t need to change anything in my child rearing tactics of my children.  However, my parents had/have 4 children to raise.  And as we all know, each child is different.  My parents might have done it that way for me and it worked just fine, but did it work just fine for the other three?  Or did they change tactics with each child?  I can’t just say, “well it worked fine for me” because as much as my children are like me in many areas they still aren’t me.  I need to be willing to change tactics, be willing to keep searching for ways that work.  I can’t succumb to the “child rearing is cut and dried” mentality.  It might work for the first one, but I doubt it will work for the second, and even less for the third, and so on.  I am always fighting this “viewing my children as a whole” thing.  There are just so many that I often lose sight of their individuality.  It would be nice to figure it out and then just sit back and watch, relaxing in knowing that I got it right, but life isn’t quite like that, is it.  This daily growing stuff is hard work.  Don’t we ever get a vacation?  Are you on vacation from that kind of stuff, Dan?

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  • A friend of mine has 6 children and one of the things that she does to keep her childrens individuality in mind is to tell them during family devotions while all the others are there to hear… God brought you into this family because… All the other kids now are aware and so are they. It is really neat to hear them say. Do you know why God put me in this family? It is because… Give it a try and you will find it brings great results as they begin to understand who they are and how they are special to your family. I know that God brought you to our extended family to bring joy to Dan and to us and to show us the value of openness and honesty. We love you.