• 20Feb

    So, what do I tell you about tonight. 

    I could tell you about my day.  I spent most of it on the computer working on a major picture project.  Luckily I got hung up in the technicalities and wasn’t paying too close of attention to the pictures of Dan.  However, that major project got done to the detriment of a few other things like the house, spending time with the kids, finishing up school, etc.  So, to those of you whom I am supposedly encouraging to spend  more time with your families . . well, I guess I’m failing at what I’m supposed to be demonstrating.

    I could tell you about last night.  I had a “date” with my sister-in-law Melody.  We got babysitters and took some time to go see a play put on by a local school.  It was well done and the whole evening reminded me of the many Fine Arts and plays that Dan and I went to in college.  My hands were still just as fidgety as ever.  I did manage to refrain from tearing up my bulletin and flower and from cuddling up to whoever was next to me (remember that one, Wayne?  =).  I used to play with a beenie baby lion (Lambert) to help with the fidgets and then once I was married I got to hold my date’s hand (since I was married to my date you know).

    I could tell you about some weird things.  Like, I find I’m gritting my teeth an awful lot lately.  Going to have to take a trip to the dentist if I keep this up.  Benjamin(6) has picked up the nasty habit of sucking on each finger one by one.  Dassy(3)  has decided that she needs a scary part in every movie she watches whether there really is one or not, so she just picks something and pretends she’s scared of it.  Payden (1) has decided that he wants to learn how to use a fork and gets upset when I forget to give him one.  Sometimes he even tries to crawl out of his highchair and on to the table to steal the fork of the unsuspecting person sitting next to him.

    I could tell you about my “personal look” debate.  I never got into all that primping and fussing that most girls do.  I’ve got a 10 minute bathroom routine in the morning, rarely wear makeup, and have no idea what to do with perfume or what the perks are of a bubble bath.  Now that I don’t have Dan . . . what’s the point?  The only reason I EVER enjoyed shopping for clothes was because of what Dan might think.  I can remember many a night rushing to brush my hair before Dan got home (since the kids had me pulling it out earlier).  Now I’m lucky if I remember to brush it before I walk out the door (it does get combed after every shower and I wear it up so it really doesn’t look that bad . . . or does it? =)  Now I have to decide to get up the determination to do some exercising and get rid of that last 10 lbs or so of baby fat and get some muscles built up so I’m actually helpful when it comes to building this house.

    I could tell you about my quilt.  I’m making progress although progress has slowed down a bit lately.  I think I have about 22 more blocks to quilt out of 35?  It looks good.  I’m finding the little things that make it unique, but I’m liking what I’m seeing.

    I could tell you about the pain that someone unknowingly inflicted that makes me want to clam up and go hide in a corner.  It doesn’t really have anything to do with Dan, and that person really did have a good point.  Therefore, I am trying to learn from the experience and trying to remain open.

    I could give you an update on the house.  We’ve got the “worky thing” (trackhoe) moved and ready to dig.  We’ve got a sewer permit and a building permit.  The well driller is coming tomorrow.  My contractor has ordered the basement walls/foundation stuff, I think, and that should be arriving in about 3 -4 weeks.  The temporary electrical pole is set to go in this week.  I’ve got a mailbox and an address.  So exciting.  I also got the budget for this whole thing and I’m scared to death.  I think God better send me some of His streets of gold, or pop off one of those jewels He’s got stuck in the walls up there.

    I could tell you about the flowers I got for Valentine’s Day.  Actually, I got flowers, a potted minature rose, some chocolates, some candy, some scarves, . . .  Thank you to everyone who tried to help ease me through Valentines.

    I could tell you about my latest experiences with food.  Now there is something to make you laugh.  =)  I disconnected the smoke alarm.  Does that tell you anything?  I just can’t seem to get used to this oven.  And it doesn’t matter how little time is required to make something I still manage to get distracted by something or someone.  Actually this smoke alarm was installed IN the kitchen and goes off at the first puff of steam, so even when I’m not burning something it’s still going off.  And boy! does it hurt the ears! 

    But, alas,  =) I don’t know what to tell you.  So, I guess you will just have to be content with not hearing from me tonight.  =)  Love to all!

3 Comments to I Could tell you . . .

  • Liisa, you are precious! I, too, am sleepless and gnashing my teeth over the journey we are about to embark on. I imagine it is the frightening rush of adrenaline that one would feel when falling out of a plane at 10000 feet for the first time (eh, Jane?). The sure knowledge that the ground is down there somewhere. The assurance that percentage wise this should turn out well. The awareness that this is a defining moment in your walk of faith and trust in God. And the shear panic and awesomeness of the panalopy being played out before you. It will be great! Awesome in its surest sense. I am excited, in a “I hope I don’t embarass myself” kind of way. Looking forward to seeing GREAT things from the God we serve…Mom

  • Keep your faith and you will see that GOD is good—–ALL THE TIME ! I look forward to reading anything you write and I pray for you daily.