• 26Feb

    Just got an update on the house!!!  They are thinking that they are going to dig the hole for the foundation this weekend!!  And I guess that the basement walls could be done a head of schedule, too.  We could possibly get them as early as March 9.  Might have to delay them a bit so that we can be ready when they show up.  Sounds like I will be back in PA the first week or so of April.  It will be nice to get settled in somewhere, but I will miss friends and family in MI.  One thing with moving back and forth like this, you always know that you will be back soon.  Getting settled means it will be longer till you see everyone again.

4 Comments to House

  • How exciting! I can remember well the excitement that we felt as we watched each stage of the home we built being done. Take lots of pictures so we can rejoice with you. This is a dream come true.

  • A Poem In Honor of Dan

    The Nehalem River was swiftly flowing,
    So Danny’s plans were quickly growing,
    “I’ll build a raft with planks and string,
    and then I’ll actually get on the thing.
    Through the rapids I will float,
    I bet my sis will ride this boat.”
    But no, I would NOT go!
    Ride the river in his raft?
    All I did was laugh at that!

    (ok, so I’m not a poet) 🙂