• 05Feb

    I put Maranatha to sleep in my bed last night.  She seems to be the trouble maker when it comes to putting them down for the night and I was hoping to make things a bit easier on myself.  I’ve also found her up and wandering around several times the last couple of nights, almost like she’s looking for something.  Well, we all get settled in for the night and I look up and she’s sitting there on the bed patting my Danny quilt and she says, “Dis Daddy?”

    “Yep, that’s Daddy’s shirt.  Did you want a hug from Daddy?”

    “Uh huh” and she cuddled right down into the blanket, sucking on her fingers like she does, and was asleep in no time. 

    As strange as it seems to me I think Dan must have been the “hugger” in the family, and apparently my kids are missing that.  Maybe I’m just afraid to hug them too much, . . too personal or something . . maybe I’m afraid of what it will unleash.  Whatever the case may be I think I need to get over it and find a way to work more hugs into my day.

3 Comments to Daddy hug

  • AH! fear of the unknown. It is usually that we are afraid of something that will be wonderful, but we don’t know it so we stay in the afraid place. If you can remember the hugs will help the hurting places to not hurt so much it will be easier for all of you. And what a great way for Daddy hugs! blankets are so comforting when things are not going so well. You are doing a great job so go and reward yourself with a group hug. Create the special mommy hugs that will help to fill the missing daddy hug place.

    Love you, Auntie Joanne