• 13Feb


    I am a solitary girl, I have no valentine
    No one to flower me with gifts, no symphonies of wine
    There are no sweet surprises for delivery today,
    No serenade of love songs—no rosy red bouquet
    But though the world can’t see Him, my Lover draws me near
    And though the world can’t hear Him, His voice rings true and clear
    And He has gone beyond the simple valentine of red—
    He laid aside His very life and let His blood be shed
    I know that it would be a shame for me to disregard
    His sacrifice of love for me, His face so bruised and marred
    For what the Lord has given me is more than human love
    It surpasses every gift that I have daydreamed of
    And in my heart He’s giving still—a ring of purest fire
    Teaches me that I am His—His treasure and desire
    I am a solitary girl without a valentine—
    Yet I am my Beloved’s, and He, by grace, is mine.

                                        –by Rita Hartje