• 06Feb

    Benjamin says he and Daddy were somewhere and Daddy said that his favorite subject was math. 

    I remember Dan playing with numbers all the time whether calculating the cost of a new mortgage, the supplies needed to build a new house, the dimensions needed for something he was “inventing”, the averages of something happening in our household, or even just playing with the kids.  He definitely loved Math. 

    He also loved Science.  He kept up with some of NASA’s projects and findings, was constantly researching something to help with his latest idea, listening to anything space related, telling the kids bits and pieces of scientific knowledge that even I didn’t know, trying to figure out why this worked that way, or why it didn’t work . . .

    I remember him hooking up a piece of tubing to the van somehow.  He was doing something with a jar of water . . . I can’t remember the details . . something about making the water evaporate maybe . . . anyway, we had the kids outside sitting along side the road where the van was parked and we were all just sitting there watching Daddy experiment and listening to him tell us what was supposed to be happening.  I loved watching his excitement when exploring the many different facets of science, numbers, and God’s creation.  I didn’t grasp the half of it, but it was fun watching his mind work.  He really was brilliant.  I wish I had more time to learn from him some of what he was so willing to share.  I miss his chatter.