• 01Feb

    Do you know how ridiculous it is to get seven young children ready to go anywhere and expect to be on time?  And I thought the problem was Dan!  =)  I started earlier than usual as well as doing several extra things last night, and still didn’t manage to make it to church on time this morning.  How does one convey the importance of punctuality that way? 

    The two oldest can get themselves dressed.  The next two can do most of it on their own, but they still need help with things like buttons, hair, stockings, etc.  Maranatha can do little things to help, but she is going through an unhelpful stage meaning it takes more time to fight with her to help than it takes for me to do it myself.  Payden and Caleb require, of course, pretty much everything.  And the older ones aren’t quite old enough to be helping the younger ones get dressed and the like.  Then to top it all off we aren’t exactly settled, things can be hard to find, the kids haven’t had to do regular chores lately and consequently have found other ways of entertaining themselves.  So, Mom gets stuck running up and down the stairs trying to find socks for this one, shoes for that one, changing a diaper here, pouring the milk for breakfast there, cleaning up the latest mess al a Payden, combing hair, directing coat retrieval, fastening buttons, looking for shoes AGAIN, etc. . etc.

    It really wasn’t too bad this morning.  The thing that threw me off was the fact that Caleb needed fed about half an hour before we needed to leave.  Well, that half hour was already booked with previously stated errands.  Thankfully I had planned on leaving 10-20 minutes before I really needed to leave and we only showed up 5-10 minutes late.  I have always had a hard time adjusting schedules when a new baby shows up. 

    I think the hardest part of this single parenting stuff is finding the time to shower.  Mornings–The kids have been waking up before I do . . which is fine if it’s just the older ones, but once Payden and Maranatha are up it isn’t safe to spend that much time in the bathroom.  Evenings–Caleb takes over.  He gets fussy about 7:30 and nothing but Mom will satisfy him till about 10 p.m.  By then I’m settled in and relaxed in bed if not already asleep.  Nap time might work, but it’s also the ideal time for school work and I don’t always get Maranatha and Payden (and now Caleb) to take naps all at the same time.  So if I smell, please forgive me I should be able to schedule in a shower somewhere in the year 2010.      =)