• 22Jan

    Maranatha is sort of potty training herself.  Not a bad thing since I hate potty training. 

    The other day I asked her if she needed to go potty.

    Yep.  So off we went.

    She sat down, paused for a few seconds and then was off.

    Me:  “No, ‘Natha, you have to wait for a few minutes.”

    Maranatha:  “Oh.  O.K. ”

    Maranatha:  “It’s stuck, Mommy.”

    Me:  “Uh huh.”

    Maranatha:  “It’s stuck.  Maybe t’mowow (tomorrow).”

    What could I say?  I laughed and laughed.  I wish I could have told Dan.  He would have laughed too.

4 Comments to Potty training

  • Sounds great. Potty training isn’t my favorite either. Guess what, when I came to visit you in PA, Jeff and his Mom finished potty training Katy. It was great. I came home and she was all trained.

  • We’re on the potty training mode here too. Alivia is getting the idea, just a few minutes too late usually. Branden on the other hand, I ask or say let’s go and he always replies, “no thank you.” I tried getting him “Hulk” and “Diego” underwear which he promptly put on backwards. DH told him to turn them around, they were backwards. He grabbed hold of waist and leg and tried hard to pull them around then announced, “they’re stuck, and Hulk doesn’t like butts!” Hope you got a chuckle!!

  • I happened to check my “junk” email file today and found an email from Chip and Brenda with a link to this site. Even though some of your blogs are sad (understandably so) I was glad to be able to read through them and see how you and your family have been doing.

  • Liberty is potty training herself, too. She started the month after Mercy was born, and I thought, “Why not? I’ll just go with it.” (Get it? GO with it? Ahaha! I crack me up!) Anyway, she’s now decided that Mercy’s lazy way of doing things looks like a better deal to her, so now she tells me that she doesn’t have to go anymore. Ever.

    Yeah, I’m gonna fall for that.

    So I’ve quit for a little while.

    Does that make me a bad mom?

    I think I’ll ship her to Jeff and his momma! 😉