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    Speaking of passion for Dan . . just to clear up a common misconception . . not all those kids were Dan’s fault. 

    I miss him so

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  • Liisa,

    I have to chuckle a little. I am sorry. Unless there are some people out there are miseducated, it does take two willing partners, a loving husband and wife, to create beautiful babies. You two did that very well. Praying for you today, and everyday.


  • Boy, is Michelle right!

    The number you have may or may not match with what you originally set out thinking, but Dan was a good and gentle man so we know that you both were happy to grow your family 🙂 together. And easier it would have been to do that together but being spunky you will find a way and it will be great!

    I guess biology class was not required by all schools.

    You and Dan did great creating such beautiful children outwardly and inwardly!

    Be proud of what you have accomplished and just do one day at a time and you will be blessed by your children and everyone who knows you.

    The works of your hands will praise you! They already are every day.

    Proverbs 31 – You, Liisa Ewing are this woman!

  • Hi Lissa,
    I would like to add a comment. I too am a mom to seven – a huge number of children some might say.
    But this I have learned. God is the one who gives children. Read about Rebecca in the Bible. She and Isaac were married for 21 years and they STILL did not have children. And so Rebecca really takes it out on hubby Isaac and rails at him for not giving her children…..and Isaac in his bewilderment says, it is not I who gives children, but the Lord.
    And in short order they have their twins.

    I am a firm believer that it is God ONLY that causes conception. Just because we have anatomy all figured out and think we know how things work, we humans think we can turn on or turn off children! I even had a non-Christian obstetrician tell me that as much as he knew about the birds and the bees, doctors still do not fully understand how children are conceived. I other words we really don’t have control of the on off switch.

    God is the author of life and He creates life – WHEN He wills. Many people try to control this area very carefully and the best we as humans are able to do is to prevent God from creating life. But even then, the best anti-conception methods fail. I smile. God is the author of life and He creates when He wills.

    I once said this to a pastor’s wife and she got so steamed up and ripped into me about how I didn’t understand the birds and the bees and how it really is ALL dependent upon the husband and wife. And I quietly said, No it’s not.

    Children are a gift from the Lord. He gives good gifts and His gifts are a blessing. Always.

    How blessed you have been to have a husband who loved children. Tell them often of their father’s love. I too have been very blessed by a husband who loves children. And has graciously accepted those God has placed in our care.

    Thank you for writing in your blog. It really blesses me.