• 28Jan

    Josiah asked for a new daddy again tonight.  That’s the third time.  Sort of scary really.  They decided (he and Benjamin) that they wanted a new daddy to play with them because Mommy didn’t play with them too much. 

    So, does that mean that I’m failing, . . or that Dan is?  =)  Just for the record, that is a rhetorical question. 

    I told them that they needed to pray about it because a new daddy wasn’t something that I could just go out and buy for them.  =)  So, we’re praying about it.  Anyone who is praying for us could add that to your list.  Can’t say that I want one this year and that doesn’t mean that you should try to set me (us) up, but you can pray about it.  =)

1 Comment to New Daddy

  • Oh, boy. Why is it that dads everywhere get the reputation of being “The Fun One.” That is SO not fair! We’re fun! Honest we are. As long as everyone is fed and not in danger. That’s the trouble, those silly kids think danger and starvation are fun!