• 17Jan

    I danced with Benjamin today and he smiled and gave me a look that said “it’s been a while”.


    My pappy took me to pick up my van (they replaced the transmission – all under warranty!). 

    I knew someone thought I was worth the effort.

    He asked how I was doing, and he really wanted to know. 

    I knew someone cared. 

    We stopped afterwards for some doughnuts. 

    I knew someone wanted to spend some time with me. 

    We didn’t talk a whole lot, but

    I knew someone loved me. 

    We had to leave sooner rather than later because there was a baby at home crying for some milk and there were some teenagers at the next table who didn’t know how to talk, but

                I knew that someone thought I was important.

    So, I went home and sang a song while making supper and I danced.

    Thank you, Pappy.  I love you

2 Comments to I’m loved

  • Hi, Liisa, it sounds like, over all, you had a wonderful day. I’m sure you are counting your blessings! May God bless you with many more happy days in which you feel just as loved, because you ARE loved by so many people. I love you, & I’ve never even met you yet, but you’re a sister in Christ, & Heidi Cummings is a dear freind to both of us, & I know she loves you, & she has told me so much about you, so I love you through her, too.