• 22Jan

    Why is Heaven so great? . . Yeah I’ll probably see Dan again, but he won’t be greeting me like some lost lover.  He has a new love.  There is no such thing as marriage in heaven, other than to Jesus.  He’s got better things to do than watch me.  He’s not worried about me.  He just talks to God about the big picture that I can’t see.  He doesn’t cry for my pain.  He knows how this will mold me and shape me to make me better.  There are no tears in heaven.  He’s got his mansion and has left me is this falling apart old world.  I thought he was going to provide for me, care for me, support me, protect me . . . and here I am, open and vulnerable, lost and alone.  With no one but you, Lord.  I know, that should be sufficient, but why doesn’t it feel like it’s enough?

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  • Dear Liisa,

    I must respectfully disagree with your latest post. If there were no tears in heaven, then why, after the Great White Throne Judgement (In heaven) does the Bible say He wipes all tears from our eyes? I believe there are tears in Heaven until then. Tears for our loved ones still on the earth. The rich man in hell was in anguish over his loved ones….I believe there will be tears of regret as well…I think Dan will cry as he thinks of you and your little ones, I believe he already does.

  • Liisa,

    I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and disagree as well and include a beautiful point that the Lord made using your situation and John 11:35.

    The greatness of heaven is Jesus. He is the express image of the Godhead bodily and beginning and the end. He is the resurrection and the life. No one knows this better than Jesus himself and yet standing before the tomb of Lazarus, Jesus wept. He had intentionally waited so that his strength in the moment of human weakness would be displayed; he was minutes from raising Lazarus from the dead and yet he wept. With his full view of his own ways and the goodness of them, he wept. He feels our pain and is sympathetic to it. So even if Dan isn’t crying, Jesus is; but I’m inclined to think Dan is too.

    I think that the “two fathers in heaven” you refer to sorrow together in the hardships and yet rejoice in what God is working through his victory again over human weakness. His strength is made perfect in weakness.

    Finally, I would note the it is Jesus that gives our earthly relationships meaning and I think the same will be true in heaven. I expect that Dan will be overjoyed to see you and express God’s love for you through him, just like it should be here. Husbands live your wives as Christ loves the church.

  • Hey, Jeremy and I have also struggled with the concept that we won’t be reunited as lovers in Heaven. That’s a very sad thought to us. I know that we will have a better focus and that is will be wonderful, but in the meantime, your blog has completely expressed how we feel about it all…right now. “For now we see through a glass darkly.”

    I just have to sigh right now, and trust like always that God’s way is best and happiest since He loves us so much.

    I love you!