• 06Jan

    3 a.m.  I’m chilled.  If Dan was here I would snuggle right up next to him, he would put his arms around me – even in his sleep – and I would be warm in no time.  “You promised to be my husband, Lord . . .”

    3:30 a.m. I’m done feeding Caleb and he’s cuddled up to me . . . nice and warm.

    3:45 a.m. Payden has been squirming around but has finally settled down at my back with his head on my hip. . . nice and warm.

    4:00 a.m. Maranatha wakes up and wants to come cuddle.  I get her settled in at my feet . . . nice and warm.

    There you go, Liisa.  How’s that for cuddled up nice and warm?

    “Funny, Lord.  The feet was a nice touch, but you missed a spot.  My shoulders are still cold.”  =)

3 Comments to God’s humor

  • And I think that is where God is putting His arms around you so you will be nice and warm. Close your eyes and let yourself feel His warn arms holding you, comforting you, and giving you strength for each day as it comes. He will keep you nice and warm. I know He did that for me too.

  • Nice perspective Liisa. And to think, I get annoyed when I am nice and snug, asleep, and my children come and wake me up 2 or 3 times a night. Here you are welcoming them into your bed, snuggling with them, and thanking God for them “invading” your space. Thanks for sharing, I needed to hear that!!