• 26Jan

    Confronted once again this past Sunday with my failures in mothering I find myself crying out, “LORD!  Please help me to teach these children that although I fail, You do not, and that my failures do not give them an excuse to choose the wrong path.”  It is something that I prayed before Dan died, but it seems even more important now somehow.  They can use the awful things of this sin-cursed world to get stronger and to learn how to get closer to God or they can let them cause a root of bitterness to grow that will blossom and spread it’s evil poison to everything and everyone in their lives.

    Reminds me of the political arena.  Dan really got disgusted with all these people blasting Bush for his choice to go to war.  “We can’t blame Bush for not knowing everything about the situation.  He did the best he could with the information that he had.”  Well, I am doing the best I can with the information, skills, and time that I have. 

    Sometimes it just doesn’t seem like enough . . .

4 Comments to Failures

  • Remember that God chose YOU to be the mother of these children. No one else would have been right for them but YOU. God hand picked YOU to mother these children, and he knows what he is doing. He knows they need YOU as much as YOU need them. YOU are the perfect mother for them. YOU are not failing at mothering, YOU are excelling!!!

  • This feeling I am well aware of Liisa. I am in no where near the situation you are in I am a wimp in that after awhile I get a break. I am a military wife whose husband leaves for long periods of time (one of those times being now). I see the effect having no father around has on the kids and how I fall down on the job at times . . . I get worn out and get “weary in well doing”. But I know HE has promised never to give me more than I can bear and like you said you do the best with what you have (energy, time, informations, skill).

    My husband is a history buff and my oldest Gabriel is just like his dad and is always asking questions concerning the Bible, history, etc. With the history questions I usually don’t know the answers!! Like who was kIng/pharoah during the plagues. He told me one day “you need to study history so you can be more like daddy.” But the truth is we are all different and created with different strengths and weekness’.

    I saw you blog once about a game Dan taught to one of your sons and that you found him playing it early in the morning. That is the game my husband taught my son and he LOVES it and it is what he does to relax on the weekend when Daddy is gone. They LOVE conquering the world!!

    I think your blogging it amazing. You grieve so freely and always bring it back to what you know to be true about your Saviour. You are doing an amazing job and I enjoy reading your blog.

  • Oh, how many times I felt that way but God took care of the shortfall and I am proud of the choices my son make each day. You will be too and God will take care of the details. Just do the best that you can and trust Him with the rest.