• 06Jan

    Today is Dan’s birthday.  I miss having plans to do something special for him.  Instead I have plans to do something for myself.  I’m not really sure that this is an improvement, Lord.

    Anyway, I’m going shopping for some non-maternity clothes.  I’ve spent an hour or two on the internet getting this stuff done.  I’ve got a basketball game to go to (my brother’s) tonight provided the weather holds out.  I have a baby sitter for all the kids except Caleb, and I am planning on doing some banking stuff with my dad somewhere in all that mess.  It will be enough to keep me busy, but I still wish that I was making plans for a Danny date instead.

2 Comments to Dan’s Birthday

  • I am so sorry he is not there to spend his special day with you but something to consider would be sending of balloons in his memory. January 27 is my daughter Lydia’s birhtday and since she is in heaven with your Dan we will celebrate her life by vivisting my mom who lives in Tn and us in Ohio. Take time to celebrate someway with the kids to help them remember him too.